• About Us

  • I'm so glad you've decided to check out my website, Events by Sherri, LLC.

    Let me introduce myself – I’m Sherri Box and I hope we can work together to make your special day/event a magical one!

  • A bit about me - I have over 38 years experience in event planning, PR & marketing, business management and accounting. I have been married for over 38 years, have a son who is a civil engineer, a daughter-in-law who is in medical sales and I became a "Mimi" in 2013 with the addition of a granddaughter, Annsleigh Elizabeth, who turned 2 in October, 2015 (and is just a dollbaby) and another granddaughter, Elleigh Katie, born in January of 2016 (just a bundle of preciousness!)

    Also in the family is a miniature Schnauzer named Andy (otherwise known as "Andrew" when he gets into mischief which he invariably does) who has been dubbed the "Office Dawg." And yes, we were/are/and most likely always will be fans of the Andy Griffith show, hence the choice of his name! Oh and I also have the best "grand-dog," a Goldendoodle named Finley, who is a very, very heavy "rug/laptop" for his Mimi. Yep, Mimi to both of them!  

  • Quite simply, I love event coordination, design and planning. I am very detail-oriented and I love planning, designing and organizing events and watching everything come together for the enjoyment of all in attendance. For me, there’s no better feeling than to get to the end of an event and be told that it went “seamlessly,” that “they just relaxed, let me handle the details and enjoyed every minute of it.” Or to have a client tell me that we helped make the day of their special event "perfect!"

    Perhaps more importantly, I truly enjoy working with people; both children and adults. I love listening to what you want and if you’re not sure exactly what you do want, I enjoy helping you figure it out and seeing the light in your eyes and the smile on your face when it all “clicks” and comes together in your mind.

    Any event I plan, regardless of type or size, isn’t about me, it’s about you, the client; your level of satisfaction when it’s all over. The knowledge that you’re pleased and that you’ve enjoyed yourself at your “one-of-a-kind, unique, perfect” special occasion is our ultimate reward! The level of service you'll receive from us is unsurpassed.

    I am SO blessed to have people working with me who love event planning as much as I do and back me up in helping with the organizational details, the creativity during the design process and the muscle to pack, load and unload for each event.

    In September, 2014, I signed a lease on an office space which was exciting in and of itself but in October, 2014, I moved to a wonderful, much bigger, "all under one roof" warehouse space for all the "small stuff" and linens in my ever-growing inventory. Since taking early retirement in 2012, a HUGE "leap of faith" for me, I have been, and continue to be, humbled by the many, many wonderful opportunities that have been afforded me.

    I have been truly blessed throughout this journey in getting to know so many wonderful people through my networking (many call it the "Sherri-net") and I have always had a very supportive family.

    I grew up with parents who cared about me and who wanted only the best for me and worked toward that end. Everyone is not as fortunate as I have been. So when I began this business as a part-time venture (becoming full-time the end of 2012), I committed to giving 10% of my gross to the Women's Resource Center here in the New River Valley.

    Therefore, every event I'm involved in helps women who have had the courage to get out of a harmful, abusive situation and to seek a better life for themselves and their children. When you book with Events by Sherri, LLC for your special event, you will be taking part in making someone's life a little brighter and a lot safer!

    Everyone at Events by Sherri, LLC is as committed as I am to taking care of our clients. . . taking care of all the little details for you to make your vision a reality!