• Fundraisers

  • I completely, and very strongly, believe in giving back to the Community.  Fundraisers and Festivals are an amazing way to do that. 

    As you can read at “About Us,” my charity of choice, both personally and with my business, is the Women’s Resource Center of the NRV (WRC) (and my reasons are explained there).  The sad reality, in the economic times we are currently encountering, is that fundraisers have become a necessary way of life for non-profits nationwide.  And a very necessary part of their day-to-day operations in order for them to continue to provide the services and support to the communities they serve in many and varied ways. 

    I have organized the WRC’s fundraising luncheon for the past 2 years and hope to continue on in that capacity for them.  I am also the coordinator for the Annual Blacksburg Chocolate Festival sponsored by the Rotary Club of Blacksburg and 2016 will be our 3rd Annual!  All of the proceeds from this Festival go to charities supported by the Club. 

    So if you have ever considered sponsoring a Fundraiser of any kind, please give me a call and let’s chat!