• from Alicia (MOB)

  • Reflecting over the past year and the details that went into planning our daughter’s wedding, we realize that it would not have been the success it was without your guidance and expertise. When Tara first suggested seeking out the services of a wedding planner, I thought of it as an added expense.  Having planned many events myself, I felt confident that Tara and I could plan the wedding ourselves too, and we probably could have, but the results would not have been the same.  Sherri, instead of an added expense, you saved us thousands of dollars; instead of rushing to and fro, you allowed us the time to enjoy the day.  Looking back I cannot believe I ever considered tackling this event without you.  I highly recommend “Events by Sherri” to anyone planning a special day.

    From the very first stages to the finishing touches, your guidance and impeccable taste helped us choose the right vendors and set the stage for a beautiful wedding.  “Events by Sherri” more than met our expectations. Your organizational style was amazing.  You fine-tuned and handled the vendor details, making sure everything was to our specifications.

    Like an architect, you drew out the plans mapping out the placement of every important part of the day.  The added access to your warehouse of goods was a money saver in itself.  This gave us the opportunity to create a mock-up of various center pieces showing us exactly the scale needed to create the desired warm atmosphere. Your attention to detail allowed us to visualize the day at every stage and made it perfect.

    On the wedding day itself, you and your staff kept everything running like clockwork.  You took the worry off of my shoulders and allowed us to enjoy our guests and most importantly, enjoy this once in a life time day with our daughter.  For that, I am forever grateful that we found “Events by Sherri”. You helped make our daughter’s wedding a truly joyful and worry-free day.