• Julianne (Bride)

  • Thank you so much for the time, planning, and coordination for our wedding.  It truly was a meaningful and fun day.  We were not stressed with the details and that was in large part to you and Trish.  Grayson, my mom, the wedding party and I were so grateful for your wedding planning skills, rehearsal and wedding day coordination, and the reception set-up and break-down.  Early on in the wedding planning process, one of my mother’s goals was to be free to spend time with friends and family during our wedding weekend and because of the services provided by you and Trish, she was able to do exactly that.  It was truly stress-free for her and that was important to me.

    I was so grateful that you were an experienced and organized wedding planner and coordinator.  Your deadlines, suggestions for vendors, clarity on what you would and would not provide, and resources such as the wedding planning time line were so helpful to me.  Grayson and I were also so thankful that we were able to express our goals to you and that you helped us to accomplish those.

    I was overwhelmed at creating centerpieces for the reception, but it was great to be able to visualize and put them together with my sister, mom, and you at your wedding rental warehouse.  I felt much better after we were able to see what the tables would look like.  It was also wonderful that we could rent things like chair covers, chargers, and candles, which would have been much more expensive if we had to purchase them.  You had great ideas and a wide array of rentals to choose from.

    It was great to check in with you about two weeks before the wedding to make sure that all of the details were in place.  That helped me to make sure all of my ducks were in a row as well as to consider what else needed some work.   I truly appreciated that you checked in with the vendors a few weeks ahead, so that my mom and I did not have to keep track of that.

    During the week of the wedding, I LOVED that you and Trish set up the wedding reception hall.  That was such a gift, because it would have been quite stressful to do.  The hall looked so beautiful and elegant.

    Another detail that I truly loved was the rehearsal and wedding day coordination.  I just knew that you were going to offer structure and good direction during the rehearsal. You and Trish were efficient, kind, pleasant, and helped us to keep the rehearsal short and sweet.  I have been to other weddings where the rehearsals were a source of contention and ours was fun, to the point, and stress-free.

    The actual wedding day was incredible.  Grayson and I were both certainly emotional at certain points of the day, but it was not due to stress.  We were able to enjoy one another, our family members, and friends.  We had the chance to truly interact with our wedding party and guests, because we were not stressed about the details.  We knew that you and Trish were trustworthy and taking care of them, which made the wedding day delightful.  You were able to move things along at the reception, because of the time-line you created and stuck to, which we appreciated.

    Sherri, thank you for working with my mom and I on my wedding.  We sang your praises to so many people who asked us about our wedding coordinator.  We received compliments on how beautiful, fun, and smooth the wedding was and that was truly because of your efforts.  Thank you for helping us!