• Laura (Bride)

  • You were a lifesaver honestly.  During the stages of our wedding planning, I was living in Texas while my fiancé was living in Florida, and we were planning a wedding in Virginia, a place that I had never even been too!  While my fiancé was in flight school and I was in my last year of college, planning a wedding was not the priority at every moment in time.  I felt very comfortable enlisting my full trust in you.  While my fiancé picked the wedding location because it was meaningful to him, your books of to do lists and vendors helped me a great deal.  You recommended some awesome vendors!

    Planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful.  You definitely eliminated a great majority of the stress and made sure I stayed on track with what I needed to do along the way.  Because of this, I was able to enjoy my entire wedding weekend without worrying about a thing, and I truly thank you for that!

    Suggesting that I come up to Virginia at some point prior to the wedding to see the area, the venues, and meet with vendors was on point, and a wise decision for me to do so.  You were so welcoming when we finally met in person, I honestly felt like I had known you for years.  The generosity of driving us around, showing us the area, and attending appointments with us meant a great deal to know that we had your support.  I also very much appreciated seeing all of your inventory in person, since I knew being so far away we would have to rent it.  I loved your variety as well as being able to lay it all out to visualize it.

    I love your honesty.  I respect honesty and truly appreciate working with someone who will give me her honest opinion and advice.  It built the trust up that much more.  I also love how you listen.  You listen to the wants and needs of your client and do everything to make sure they are achieved; mine surely were!  Your personality and get it done right attitude made the whole experience, and like my momma always said about you, “you are worth your weight in gold,” and she is so right plus more!

    A few weeks prior to our wedding, my fiancé and I moved to San Diego, California; I graduated from college and two days later moved to the west coast to be with my fiancé.  Over the course of our wedding planning, I went with the flow and very open to ideas and definitely was far from the “bridezilla” mentality.  However, graduation, moving to a new place, and finalizing wedding plans left me stressed and a little frantic.  I remember contacting you, and you told me that everything was good, I was in good shape, and instructed me on the last few little loose ends I needed to tie up.  You reassured me and I no longer worried, even when we had groomsmen drop out at the last minute due to military commitments.  Your flexibility with the chaos of everyone being from out of state and last minute changes allowed me to relax and not worry about things going wrong, and I knew that even if something went wrong, you would make sure I was not aware of it!

    We loved having you at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Knowing that the vendors for the dinner were taken care of and the rehearsal itself would go smoothly with you there was comforting and set us at ease for the big day.  As for the day of, it could not have gone more perfectly.  We loved every minute of it, and being able to enjoy the night surrounded by family and friends meant so much to us!

    The day of the wedding I met Trish.  She was by far one of the best to have by your side and I loved how when I met her, she was so helpful and welcoming just like you.  Even when I decided to stand and pet the horse for an extended amount of time and my hands were all dirty and brown, she ran inside to get paper towels to clean me off before I walked down the aisle!  It’s the little things that make a difference.  I absolutely enjoyed her being there, and the two of you did an excellent job setting up the reception venue.  The German Club looked phenomenal and better than I ever could have imagined!

    From the moment I found Events by Sherri on the internet to the first time we spoke on the phone, I knew you were the right person to plan our wedding.  Your prices were reasonable yet competitive, you offered a high variety of rental items, and you communicated with me throughout the year and half of our planning.  You truly made our wedding day the great success that it was and we appreciate everything you did for us to make it special.

    I would recommend you to anyone getting married.  You are so familiar with the area, venues, vendors, and have great relationships with all of the vendors that I had chosen.  It was comforting to know ya’ll had worked together in the past and spoke so highly of each other, as each one of you recommended other vendors to me.  I do not plan on getting married again, so I would like to hope I would not have to hire you again, but if in the unfortunate event, I would not think twice about whom to hire for a wedding planner.

    Personable, reliable, knowledgeable, honest, passionate, and so much more result in not just a great wedding planner, but truly a great friend!

    You are appreciated more than you know!