• Mel (Bride)

  • On our one-year anniversary, all of our friends and family have reminded us how beautiful and how much fun our wedding was! At every wedding we’ve been to since, someone has said, “I’ll be glad if this wedding is as much fun as yours!” All the complements and the fun, with not a care in the world was made possible by Sherri!

    Sherri gave great consultation and advice throughout the planning process and did an excellent job of coordinating our wedding day! Sherri showed her expertise and experience every step of the way. She was thoughtful and laid back, but frank and firm when she needed to be!  She helped me set priorities and stick to them.

    The whole wedding party LOVED her and took her seriously for the rehearsal and the wedding day. Sherri’s fun, but no nonsense attitude, is just was my sometimes chaotic friends and family needed to pull off such a big event.

    I would recommend any bride-to-be work with Sherri! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

    Sherri, thank you so much for being a GREAT wedding coordinator. We could not have done it without you!!