• Rick_Cathy (FOG, MOG)

  • Thank you so much for the fabulous job that you and your team did in planning and executing the wedding of our daughter.  We’re reviewing the pictures from the wedding and we’re reminded of how instrumental you were in making it such a wonderful event.  From start to finish you were a consummate professional, and it’s obvious that you love what you do.

    We certainly needed your services.  We were trying to plan the event from the West Coast and none of us had ever been to the wedding venue (Beliveau Estate).  We relied on your advice for the officiant and all of the vendors (baker, florist, DJ, photographer, etc.), and they were all excellent recommendations.  The wedding rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and the wedding reception were all meticulously planned and organized, and flawlessly executed.  Every detail was perfect.  The decorations you provided made a beautiful venue positively sparkle.

    You and your staff were there every step of the way – personable, polite, proactive, professional, and unobtrusive – to ensure all went smoothly.  When a member of the wedding party was late for the wedding, you were able to seamlessly adopt to changing circumstances and keep the focus on the bride and groom such that few people realized that a minor crisis was ongoing behind the scenes. The tardy individual arrived and the ceremony went on without a hitch.  Prepared professionals make difficult challenges look easy, and you nailed it.

    The logistical accomplishments achieved by you and your team were truly remarkable.  The venue was beautifully prepared for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception; and then magically – everything was packed up and dispatched to its proper destination.  Our daughter shipped her wedding gown to you in anticipation of the wedding, and you ensured that it, and all her gifts were shipped back to her in San Diego after the event.

    As parents of the bride it was such a blessing to have you – someone we could trust totally – in charge of coordinating all of the events.  You and your team freed us to focus on the bride and groom, friends and family, and enjoying the event with them.  It was a spectacular event we’ll always remember.

    We are happy to recommend you as an event planner.  With your conscientious enthusiasm, meticulous attention to detail, organizational acumen, and professional commitment to excellence any event you plan and coordinate will be a success.