• Sam (Bride)

  • Where do I even begin? Sherri has been a lifesaver to me since the day I met her! I knew from the moment I walked into her office and she met me with a hug that she was going to be the coordinator for my wedding! We went over all sorts of details that first day.

    Not long after that I called her to say that my fiancé and I had changed our minds about almost everything that we had planned! Sherri rolled right along with the new plan! I can’t tell you what a relief that was! That’s just how she is! She doesn’t sweat the small stuff, which made our lives a lot easier throughout this process.

    My husband and I are not big on being the center of attention. Sherri did her best to avoid any and all situations that would make us uncomfortable. We were able to be completely honest with her about anything and everything. When I got stressed I would contact/meet with her and I always left feeling relieved. Just knowing that someone so passionate, determined and thorough was handling the details took a big strain off of me.

    The day of our ceremony was quite dreary. The snow, sleet and rain didn’t slow us down a bit! Sherri made sure everyone got to where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there and everything flowed flawlessly. The reception was fun and so was the sendoff. Afterward Sherri and Nicole had everything cleaned up and squared away in record time! Leaving for our honeymoon was very easy to do knowing that Sherri had everything where it needed to be.

    I could go on for days but I suppose I should wrap this up. Just know that with Sherri you are in good hands. During the planning process she becomes a part of your family. To know her is to love her! Trust me, you will!