• Tara (Bride)

  • Hiring her was the best decision I could have made. Originally I thought, since we were on a tight budget, a wedding planner was a luxury we could not afford. However, I found out that because we were on a tight budget, a wedding planner would be a life-saver. We told Sherri about some of the important staples we wanted to have at our wedding and she gave us great ideas on other expenses to cut back on. She helped us get rid of unnecessary clutter so we could focus on the things that really mattered to us. Sherri made sure we got the best deals, negotiating with vendors and examining contracts with a fine-toothed comb. She is so organized and full of great information. With years of experience under her belt, she was able to tell us which vendors to avoid and common mistakes we could learn from as well.

    Sherri is full of resources. She has two huge storage rooms with so many options to personalize for centerpieces, fun signs, and other accessories to add to your wedding day. It was so much fun to pick out what we wanted for our wedding and it was a huge help not to have to buy a bunch of centerpieces and then not know what to do with them.

    Sherri was always available to talk, even if I just needed someone to vent to about life stresses. Speaking of stress: there was none of it wedding week! I’ve heard countless tales of brides having meltdowns over last minute details. Sherri handled it all! She took care of coordinating all of the vendors, setting up the venue, and keeping track of all the moving pieces getting everyone where they needed to be (even if she had to strong arm them!). She and her team were on the ball! All we had to do was show up and have fun!

    Sherri is not just a wedding planner extraordinaire, she has become a great friend! She truly cares about the bride and groom as people, not just clients. I could go on and on… I can’t speak highly enough about Sherri. She truly gave me the wedding of my dreams. Thank you!!!